Thursday, May 17, 2007

All of these holidays...

May 17 2007

Today is another holiday, the Ascension, so the office is closed. So I'm working from the house. I also couldn’t go out much yesterday because Edmond has unfortunately been sick for a couple of days (apparently this rarely happens) and most of the clients I wanted to visit in Lome are with him. I did, however get to visit a woman yesterday who resells computers and computer parts, but makes more of her income from phone booths and phone cards. Business is really difficult recently in Togo, and the electricity outages don’t help much either.

I’m here in the picture with her, and you can also check out my first day wearing the Togolese outfit that the mom gave me. It’s very comfortable for the weather here, and I think it looks pretty nice. I got some compliments, some of them more mocking than anything, but I was happy.

Because of the holiday today, our plans have changed and I won’t be going to Aneho until next week, staying there Monday through Wednesday. Tomorrow I will hopefully go to Tsevie, not too far away, to visit their branch there and some clients. This is not fully confirmed yet, though. Apparently they have good palm wine there, and in Aneho there are plenty of coconuts. I got to drink/eat my first one here yesterday. YUMMY (and refreshing)!

Anyway, I’m working on trying to retrieve all of the necessary funds in time to buy the bikes early next week, but there are complications with my travel changes, so it might not happen until the end of the week. I don’t have much time left to work here because there’s another holiday the Monday after next and then I leave on that Tuesday. Time really is flying by now.

That’s all for now. Please donate to the motorcycle fund if you haven’t already. And thanks for reading. Please leave comments so I know who’s reading along and don’t fell like I’m talking to myself.



Microcredit Summit Campaign said...

You aren't alone out there. All your friends in DC are following your story. You are doing some great work. Keep it up in the final stretch!

Ashley said...

Hi Dalia. I'm very new to Kiva but I'm doing my best to catch up and reading your blog has been great. I think you've only got 5 days left now, so keep up the good work and I'll keep on reading. :)